Photo: Iliani Matisse

NGW (Julie Nicholas, Sheilah Glover & Willow Wray) has gleaned a reputation in the S.F. Bay Area during the height of cabaret for their outstanding harmonies, strong solo voices, theatrics and humor. They began singing together in 1978 and soon became known as "The Ladies of the 80s." During most of the 1980s when the cabaret scene was flourishing NGW received four Cabaret Gold Awards (including the special Golden Laurel award) and two Cable Car awards for their superlative performances. more about NGW

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Sausalito Art Festival - September, 2010

Upcoming Shows to be announced.

Watch the NGW Retrospective!

Celebrating over 30 years of harmony.


NGW Live

Recorded live at Joe LoCoco's in Marin County, CA.

NGW Studio Album

Recorded at 'The Automatt" in 1984. Features some of the Bay Area's finest musicians.

Sleigh Ride!

Holiday music. Non-religious.