San Francisco Chronicle - Calvin Ahlgren

San Francisco Examiner- Phil Elwood

San Francisco Chronicle - Jesse Hamlin

New York Times - John Wilson

Washington Post - W. Royal Stokes

Bay Area Reporter - Sando Counts


Their precise close harmony: "They blend like a perfect martini.”Calvin Ahlgren, S. F. Chronicle

Their wide vocal range: "They are among the best when it comes to singing in almost any musical style." Larry Kelp, Oakland Tribune

Their humor: "Wray brought the house down with her nasal voiced parody of Connie Francis." W. Royal Stokes, Washington Post

Their show: “Nicholas, Glover & Wray ...are not the Manhattan Transfer...their harmonies are tighter, their musically more pronounced. They are in fact, something like a reincarnated Boswell Sisters”... simply marvelously entertaining. Phil Elwood, S.F. Examiner

Their originality: "They have original material that sets them apart from any other vocal trio past or present." John S. Wilson, New York Times

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